About MEAS

MEAS publishes the highest quality open access journals and delivers this research to the widest possible audience. It gives the opportunity to publish open access papers in all areas of science, technology, medicine and other areas of social sciences. It improves the performance of science, health and technology professionals/ experts, empowering them to deliver better care, make better decisions and make cutting-edge innovations that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. MEAS currently publishes more than 10 open access journals and is a rapidly growing academic publisher for a wide range of academic disciplines.
MEAS believes to publish highest quality journals, presenting innovative ideas and having greatest impact on the future advances. The highest standard articles in various journals of MEAS are an integral part of our mission. The target of MEAS is to make sure exceptional research and findings are freely available and read around the world. Our MEAS team work together to continuously improve and enhance our services. We deliver these innovations without compromising our high quality standards.
To provide no-cost access to our online journals and to make cutting edge research and very best contents available to the people worldwide is just the start of our mission. MEAS encourages and works closely with the national and international community to make our journals collection a realistic option for all sizes and budget institutions. MEAS offers special discounts to the institutions from low income countries to subscribe our printed journals to benefit the needy and poor community from the latest finding and novel research worldwide. Our marketing teams will ensure that your article gets the widest exposure possible and MEAS website guarantees visibility, including social bookmarking services, so that your article reaches those people who need to read and benefit from it.
Our team believes in continuous advancement with technology evolution to ensure researchers can access the latest content in the most convenient format and free of cost. MEAS is working in close collaboration with various delegates from industries, academia, communities and research centers to introduce continuous evolutions in our open access journals and increase the discoverability and usage of our novel and latest contents. At the same time, we embrace new technologies and formats to effectively provide content in intuitive ways for the research and professional community.
MEAS protects the rights of authors and ensure that any legal information and copyright regulations are addressed, whether an article is published with MEAS or any other publisher. We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of ethics, responsibility and legal obligation.
All of journals published by MEAS provide immediate free access to the full text of articles in PDF and HTML formats to the research community worldwide. MEAS also permit authors' self-archiving. The open access policy of MEAS aims at increasing the visibility and accessibility of the published content and thus providing the desirable research impact worldwide.