Subscription Information

All Journals of MEAS are open access journals, freely and permanently available online to anyone with an internet connection. The below subscription charges are for the printed copies of MEAS journals. Discounts are available for low income countries (See the list) .

Journal Title ISSN Price 2015
British Journal of Applied Research (BJAR) 2518-2579 GBP 150
British Journal of Renewable Energy (BJRE) 2518-2641 GBP 150
International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJAEAS) 2518-2668 GBP 150
International Journal of Advanced Medical Sciences (IJAMS) 2518-2676 GBP 150
Journal of Applied Computation (JAC) 2518-2684 GBP 150
Journal of Dental Material Characterization (JDMC) 2518-2692 GBP 150