Journal: British Journal of Renewable Energy (BJRE)
ISSN: 2518-2641

Articles in Press

1. A Study on Energy Consumption Pattern in Fatehpur Block of Western Himalayan State
V. Kumar, R. K. Aggarwal, P. K. Baweja, R. Sharma, R. K. Gupta

2. Sugar Cane Cellulosic Waste as a Biofuel Generating Agricultural Residue
E. E. Elemike, K. A. Ibe, J. C. Onwuka

3. Spray Pyrolytically Synthesized Naturally Abundant Transition Metal Oxides and their Mixed Oxides for Efficient Electrochemical Splitting of Water to Hydrogen and Oxygen
M. Frites, A. Sampson, R. Gautam, S. U. M. Khan

4. Productivity and Bioethanol Potentials of Wild Sorghum (Sorghum arundinaceum)
E. I. Ohimain, S. C. Izah

5. Alternative Energy Production for Environmental Sustainability
A. O. Okewale, F. Omoruwou, R. O. Ojaigho