Journal: British Journal of Renewable Energy (BJRE)
ISSN: 2518-2641

Editorial Board

1. Prof. Dr. Ladislaus Rybach, Institute of Geophysics ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2. Prof. Dr. Suheyda Atalay, Ege University, Turkey

3. Prof. Dr. Tariq Iqbal, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

4. Prof. Dr. Kimon. A. Antonopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

5. Prof. Dr. Wolfram Sparber, Institute for Renewable Energy, Italy

6. Prof. Dr. George Papadakis, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

7. Prof. Dr. Martin J Pasqualetti, Arizona State University, USA

8. Prof. Habil. Dr. Vaidotas Kazukauskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania

9. Dr. Pablo del Rio, Institute for Public Policies and Goods, Spain

10. Dr. Rodolfo Dufo Lopez, University of Zaragoza, Spain

11. Dr. Chua Kian Jon Ernest, National University of Singapore, Singapore

12. Dr. Harry D. Kambezidis, National Observatory of Athens, Greece

13. Dr. Yohannes Kiros, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden