Journal: British Journal of Renewable Energy (BJRE)
ISSN: 2518-2641

Volume 1, Issue 1

1. Characteristics of Aged Long-rod Porcelain and Silicone Rubber Insulators under Pollution Conditions
M. A. Salam, Q. M. Rahman, S. P. Ang, F. S. Wen, H. A. Hadi, M. Fadil, S. Hassan, W. Voon

2. Performance Studies of Heat Exchangers Used in Hybrid Solar System Fitted with Reflectors
V. N. Palaskar, S. P. Deshmukh

3. Optimal Transesterification Duration for Biodiesel Produced from Nigerian Waste Frying Oil
O. D. Samuel, S. T. Amosun, T. E. Boye

4. Application of baffle plates and its effects as low cost heat extraction improvement on the performance of photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system
U. Qureshi, P. Baredar, Md. Amaan

5. ANN Performance Assessment of Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) System with Improved Low Cost Heat Extraction Design
U. Qureshi, P. Baredar, S. Ayyub, Md. Amaan

6. General Algorithm for Optimum Tilt Angles Determination at Tropical Region
S. Soulayman, W. Sabbagh

7. Potential Thermal Energy from Palm Oil Processing Solid Wastes in Nigeria: Mills Consumption and Surplus Quantification
S. C. Izah, E. I. Ohimain, T. C. N. Angaye

8. Effect of Turbocharger on the Emission of a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine using Producer Gas and Blends of Karanja Oil Methyl Ester
C. K. Nayak, R. K. Swain